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The Millbrook Independent

May 27th
More of our tax money gone PDF Print E-mail
Written by News Desk   
Tuesday, 10 September 2013 13:49

artparkerBy ART PARKER

Last week I warned that some of our tax money would soon go down the drain because of the fight between football coaches at the Walker-Cullman football game the last week in August. I said that the Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) would levy fines on the schools. The schools must pay the fines in order to play ball. It is our tax money that is being paid to what is a private corporation (AHSAA), not a government agency.

Well it happened. Among the various forms of punishment dealt to the schools was a fine of $1,500 each. So, $3,000 of our tax money will be turned over to a private corporation because the private corporation says "pay up." This private corporation also hit the schools with other punishment, which makes more sense that demanding our tax money for the mis-behavior of others. The other punishments declared by the AHSAA should be the limit as far the AHSAA is concerned. The parties that should be concerned the most, have a greater interest and true authority to do something on this embarrassing debacle are local law enforcement and the respective Boards of Education. We pay law enforcement to deal with public violence appropriately and the school systems use our tax money to pay the mis-behaving adults.

The payment of our tax money by the schools to this private corporation will do nothing to correct the wrong that was done. Nothing. In fact, what infuriates me is that the coach from Walker has already resigned, voluntarily. He's gone. It was that coach that is the real center of attention and the one that seems to be the real culprit in this scenario. But, that school will still pay $1,500 of our tax money because of his actions. And he is gone. That makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? The guy that is the real problem walks off into the sunset and we still pay for his wrong. That's like the FDIC fining a bank's customers when the bank gets robbed because the robber got away. Can you imagine opening your bank statement and seeing a robbery charge?

There is a lot wrong with this whole AHSAA deal and the fines. I am a fan of the AHSAA and I believe the corporation does a great job when it comes to just about everything...except this. There is no way we can expect mis-behaving adults or kids to learn from their wrongful acts by forcing the taxpayers to pay a private corporation. This entire scenario is insane. The AHSAA is not a victim. It (AHSAA) has not suffered financial damages. The victim, whenever a coach or kid screws up, is the taxpayer. We are the ones suffering financial damage because we are paying our tax money to a private corporation because of the actions of others.

This is senseless and it is wrong. Legislation must be passed to either compel the AHSAA to cease with fines or disallow our public schools from holding membership in any organization that fines its members. It is time our elected officials in Alabama put a stop to this.

Speaking of insanity. It appears that our President will attempt to persuade Congress to engage in military action against Syria because Syria has used chemical weapons against its own people during that country's civil war. I guess the logic is that we should do something about how that sovereign nation fights within itself. There is a revolution in Syria and the regime in power is going to kill rebels with whatever means they have. That's what ruthless regimes do.

We do not need to be engaging in more clean up acts using our military. We have spent enough money, lost enough lives and created more animosity jumping into the internal affairs of Muslim nations. If they want to fight, let them. Our involvement into Syria's internal squabbles will do nothing but create more misery for us and waste more money. We don't need misery and we are broke.

Is Obama to blame? No. He may prove to be an idiot for suggesting this. But Congress is the one that will authorize the action. And before anyone points a finger at either party just remember this...the Democrats control the Senate and the Republicans control the House. Approval from both are required to take action.

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