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The Millbrook Independent

Oct 02nd
Wrong way to go about it
Written by News Desk   
Friday, 18 October 2013 16:38

artparkerBy Art Parker, Editor

It is amazing to me how some of the people we elect cannot even succeed at being a sorry politician. The biggest problem we have with the so called "career" politicians is that all they think about is getting re-elected. Therefore a politician, even with the smallest mental capacity, should be able to first think of the impact of a certain action relating to his or her future re-election bid before taking such action. At least that's what the full time professionals do.

Well it looks like many of those in Washington, especially leading Republicans, have forgotten about the next election. The public blames the Republicans, more than President Obama, for the government shutdown by a 22-point margin (53-31 percent). That is according to a poll by a very reliable and objective source known as the Wall Street Journal (NBC also participated in the poll). It was also noted that the public blames the Republicans more today than they did for the shutdown when Clinton was President, and that is very, very bad news for the GOP (You may recall that just two weeks ago I mentioned Clinton's popularity rose and stayed strong for a long time after the GOP screwed up the last shutdown). What was also interesting in the poll results is that Obama has a 47 percent approval rating and most Presidents would not be happy with that at all. But it is actually pretty good when compared to Republican House speaker John Boehner, who is less than 20 percent and the GOP which comes in at 24 percent.

As I have said many times before I did not vote for Obama and I do not like him or trust him. I am not in favor of Obamacare (unless something else is proven to me to change my mind). However, I think the Republicans are making a mistake with the way they have played the budget deal. Many folks have told me the last couple of weeks that they are glad the government is shutdown and it is good that somebody stood up to Obama, and it will take this kind of action to change things. etc. And here is my answer to that logic: If you are a Republican and you expect the Republicans to change things then this is the wrong way to do it. We have a mid-term election next year and usually that does not go the way of the sitting President. But when you look at what little popularity the Republicans have over this budget deal then you can't help but see a bad election on the horizon.

As of this moment (early Monday) no deal has been struck so my recommendation is to shut up and go along for now. Let Obamacare go its way for about a year. Based on what I know the Republicans can sit back, watch a disaster happen and then say, "See, I told you so." I may be wrong but I think if the GOP wants to rule the day next November then that is the way they need play it. And if Obamacare is a big disaster as they predict then the 2014 election should turn out very, very favorable.

I noticed where our publisher Bob Martin read the same Gallup Poll that caught my eye regarding the interest in a third party. While the Democrats are enjoying a popularity edge over the Republicans when both are combined they still garner a collective negative response, and that is obviously why 60% of the people say they want a third party. I find that interesting and love the idea. However, I am convinced any party viewed as extremists by the public will never get along with the current voters and that is why any third party will need a considerable number of voters from both current parties. It will be hard for a third party to begin and be successful unless some real big names come forward and show leadership. It will also take many foes to lay down their weapons and be willing to compromise with one another to make a new party viable.

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