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The Millbrook Independent

May 31st
Sunday shockers
Written by News Desk   
Friday, 07 February 2014 10:03

By Art Parker, Editor

The news broke before Sunday but I didn't get around to reading the latest on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's bridge debacle until Sunday morning. It seems that his closest allies are asking for more time in turning over their records to an investigation launched by the New Jersey Legislature. The delay to turn things over is not surprising but I wonder if they all are trying to cover their own tracks in light of what one former Christie loyalist has said.

The former Christie loyalist has said there was contradictory evidence about what Christie knew and when and suggested that the possible GOP Presidential nominee knew about the bridge shut down when it was happening.

Whether Christie knew about the deal or not does not diminish the fact that this was one of the dumbest political blunders ever, and rivals Watergate on the stupidity level. When Nixon loyalists conducted the Watergate break-in they were hoping to find damaging information about the Democrats to help Nixon's re-election bid against George McGovern. Nixon was so far ahead in the polls against the extremely weak McGovern that the crime committed wasn't even close to necessary. As one of my Dad's friends said back then, it was like "GM breaking into Ford to get the plans for the Edsel." For the Christie gang to shut down a heavily congested bridge to try and damage a mayor from an opposing party is insane. The mayor, a Democrat, who did not agree to endorse Christie in the last New Jersey gubernatorial election was the target. Christie won his race about like Nixon won his-a major landslide.

We do not know what Christie knew but it seems like he may have known more than he is letting on. Whatever the case, if Christie's gang will go this far unnecessarily it is a sure sign that we don't need the big guy in the White House. The Christie bridge deal reminds me of the words a political science professor once told me. "Sometimes it is better to have a competent crook instead of an honest idiot."

The biggest shocker was the Super Bowl. I watch little college football and rarely watch the NFL. Like most Americans I take enough of an interest in the Super Bowl to watch at least some of the game every year (Yes, the commercials are a big reason for watching). I do know enough about the NFL and the game to say that I was truly shocked at the outcome. It is hard for me to believe that a Peyton Manning led offense could prove to be so impotent.

On the other hand, what I have read and occasionally heard on broadcasts about the Seattle defense turned out to be very true. Perhaps it was the best defensive effort I have seen especially when you consider the high quality of offense the Seahawks were facing.

Despite the shocking outcome of the game it was not a shock to see some very good commercials. My favorite was the Budweiser spot featuring the Golden Retriever, an animal I believe to have the most acceptable, friendly and loving look as any in the world. It's a good thing I quit drinking a long time ago, because that cute little puppy would have sold me on having a Bud.

Lastly, on Sunday I read a new Gallop poll. I was shocked to see Alabama dropped as the most conservative state in the nation. According to Gallop, the number of Alabamians describing themselves as "conservative" dropped from last year's 50.6 percent. Alabama dropped all the way to tenth position with only 44.7 percent of the respondents claiming to be conservative. The poll showed that 34.7 percent of Alabamians considered themselves "moderates" compared to 16 percent who said they were liberal. What state is now the most conservative in the nation? It's Wyoming, and the rest in order of descending position are Mississippi, Idaho, Utah, Montana, Arkansas, South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

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