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The Millbrook Independent

May 29th
Can’t trust these guys
Written by News Desk   
Thursday, 07 August 2014 09:29

artparkerBy Art Parker, Editor

What would you think if some politicians arranged things to shut the doors of businesses that have been open for decades? You probably wouldn't like it.

Then you find out that the politicians have received funding for the arrangements from the competition of those they want to shut down. You probably begin to think that is downright wrong.

Then you hear that the politicians get more money for the arrangements from the man's out of state competitors. Now you begin to have serious doubts if these politicians can be trusted at all.

There's more. Then you learn that those they want to put out of business pays taxes on earnings to the state, but the other guys, in and out of the state, don't have to pay taxes.

By now you know something is terribly wrong and that these politicians are not the guys they are supposed to be. How can you desire to wreck a taxpayer and favor those that don't pay taxes? Why would you want to put someone out of business?

But to make matters worse the politicians do all of this while they tell you they will improve our ethics laws. And they do this while they tell you they will get rid of corruption in the state. And they do this while they tell you they are the honest, trustworthy, Christian people in office.

What would you think if that scenario is real? If you are objective, you will probably be angry at those politicians and you will want to get rid of them and their friends. Guess what? It is real. And that is what has happened here in Alabama.

Lots of guys like me already knew about it. Many of us have written about it. But most people didn't believe us or they just didn't want to believe it. As one of my friends told me, "There is no way those fine Christian men, those conservative people...there is no way they would do anything like that." Really?

Monday the bombshell hit. Washington D.C. based publication Politico let the news out. The bottom line is that a major Republican entity played ball, probably illegally, with the Mike Hubbard machine in Alabama when it came to fundraising before the 2010 elections. The money involved was Indian casino money that was laundered in a way to fund the anti-gambling forces in the form of Republican candidates.

But the most important thing about this news is that the Republican entity, known as RSLC (Republican State Leadership Committee), has been informed by its own lawyers that laws may have been broken while the laundry room was in operation.

These are not Democrats yelling foul. These are Republican lawyers saying to their clients, "uh, you guys screwed up."

All of the news arising Monday centered around money contributed by the Poarch Creek Indians to political action committees (PAC) controlled by Alabama Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard. This does not include the previously documented Mississippi money that Hubbard's extremely close ally, former Governor Bob Riley, obtained from the Choctaw tribe. That's a whole different can of worms.

Part of the bombshell also mentioned how the RSLC sent funds to a PAC with ties to Jack Abramoff, the convicted super-lobbyist that made a fortune helping Indian casino operations. And don't forget Abramoff's convicted partner was Mike Scanlon, who served as Bob Riley's Press Secretary when Riley was a congressman.

As I see it the bottom line is that the Hubbard/Riley regime used gaming money from Indian operations to fund political campaigns and put private, tax paying, gaming operations out of business while the Indian operations, that do not pay taxes, could operate under federal protection.

I believe we will know much more about these and other characters when the Lee County Grand Jury concludes its work. But for me this is the final confirmation that I can never vote for any candidate that has any ties to either Mike Hubbard or Bob Riley. My state is too valuable to trust with the likes of these two or any of their political friends.

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