Go to the polls, it’s your duty



Art Parker,
Managing Editor

By Art Parker

The election is less than a week away. I must say this has been about the dullest election I’ve seen in a long time – excluding of course the Roy Moore senate race debacle. Here are some thoughts on some races on next week’s races.

   United States House of Representatives, Second Congressional District – When I look at this race there are only three known names to me: Bobby Bright, Barry Moore and the incumbent, Martha Roby. I could never vote for Moore, who was once tried for bribery, primarily because he is a soldier in the Mike Hubbard – Bob Riley cult. When it comes to Moore just ask yourself if we have had enough of those like Hubbard and Riley. Another is incumbent Roby. I have tried to like her and ascertain what value she brings to the district but I cannot. I hate to be so harsh but I am convinced that Roby is not bright enough to be in the U.S. House. I am convinced that she has been nothing more than a Republican operative that does what her party tells her. That leaves former Montgomery mayor and former congressman, Bobby Bright. A former democrat, Bright has always been conservative and is with a party that seems to suit him better. Many may criticize him for voting for Nancy Pelosi when he was a democrat in the House. What folks don’t realize is that was a pure party vote and a procedural matter. The democrats were in power then and had he voted against Pelosi Bright would have been an outcast and we would have been without representation. It meant nothing. What meant a lot is when Bright went against his party and voted against Obamacare, the democrats’ prized possession. With that one act in mind it tells me Bright will represent his people and vote their wishes and not be a puppet for his party. That’s what I call a representative for the people. Bright has loads of experience in government and has been to Capitol Hill before. I believe sending him back to Washington is a must. 

Governor’s race – I just cannot vote for Kay Ivey. A Governor by accident and one who has dodged about every conversation on who she really is and what she stands for. I believe Mayor Tommy Battle of Huntsville is a better choice and may bring about some fresh air in Montgomery. On the Democrat side I think that Mayor Walt Maddox of Tuscaloosa is a rising star regardless of your preferred party. He is definitely different than the usual politician that shows up in Montgomery. I believe a Battle-Maddox face off will be good for this state.

Lt. Governor’s race – I don’t know any other way to say this…anyone other than Twinkle Cavanaugh. She is part of the Mike Hubbard-Bob Riley cult as much, or more, than anyone else. If you want to vote for the past shenanigans we have seen just vote for her, otherwise find another candidate. I believe Rusty Glover is the best candidate.

Attorney General – Current AG Steve Marshall doesn‘t seem to be playing with a full deck and almost all of the other candidates show me nothing. Troy King may not be the very best choice we ever had but I believe he is much better than the others.

The race for Agriculture and Industries Commissioner is similar to the Lt. Governor race. Here is my recommendation – anyone but Gerald Dial. This guy has been around Montgomery since I was in high school and he needs to go. To get statewide name recognition he has sponsored legislation that will never pass muster in federal court. Once again, anyone but Dial.

State Treasurer – This one is a no-brainer. John McMillan has served Alabama in several capacities admirably. He has done a great job in his last post of Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, and he doesn’t reek with the usual political stench we smell in Alabama. 

State Auditor – Jim Zeigler strikes many of us as a loose cannon on a rolling deck. Despite his antics and occasional ridiculous comments, Ziegler appears to have done a good job at protecting our state property and trying to hold people accountable. Besides, he is damned entertaining.

Chief Justice Alabama Supreme Court – Lyn Stuart has served admirably for Alabama’s judicial system since replacing the troublemaking Roy Moore. She is running against a bosom buddy of Roy Moore’s in Tom Parker (No kin to me thank God). Unless you want another Chief Justice like Moore then I suggest you vote for Stuart.

That’s all I got space for. The most important thing you can do next Tuesday is vote and participate in the election.  


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