Puppies over Politics



By Jeff Martin

They’re cute, cuddly, curious and adorably clumsy. Who doesn’t love a puppy?

    My family gained an addition last month when we welcomed a new chocolate Labrador Retriever into our home. Olivia named him Sebastian McGehee Martin, to be known henceforth as ‘Sebby.’ He turned 12-weeks old Monday and our household hasn’t been the same since his arrival.

   Of course it was 11-year old Olivia who wanted a dog and me who got stuck with all the responsibilities of puppy ownership.

    Some say caring for a Lab puppy can be tougher than a newborn. Mind you, having never cared for an infant, I wouldn’t dare make the comparison, just making note that some have. And those that have; I think they knew what they were talking about. It isn’t easy.


I’m here to tell you that sleep deprivation is the devil. I’m one that needs 8, preferably 9 hours of sleep most nights. For the past month, I’ve been lucky to catch 5 and maybe another 45-minute nap sometime before lunch. I have become quite the walking zombie and just this week finally went back to sleeping a few hours each night in the bedroom, instead of a makeshift pallet next to his kennel.

    Sebby, like most puppies, is quick with the bite and by week two my arms looked like a swarm of water moccasins had attacked. I have since become pretty quick at fending off the teething hellion.

    He knows better, but that has yet to stop him from flying up the stairs, which he isn’t able yet to make back down on his own.  He understands wrong and right, but that just makes getting stuff away from him more difficult. I’m proud to say he is housebroken and will go sit by a backdoor when he wants outside.

    He has moves like Mick Jagger, as proven during his first attempt on a leash that had him bouncing around as if he had stumbled into a yellow jacket nest.

    The furniture remains intact, for now, as the only Sebby casualties have been a phone charger cord; a couple of magazines and several pots and plants. He enjoys leaves, sticks and pebbles as if it were chewing tobacco.

    The intoxicating smell of new puppy has evaporated, he has already doubled in size, his energy level (when not napping) is that of the energizer bunny and they say the teething stage has only just begun. But, we love our Sebby.

    For better or worse he is now and will forever be a Martin and I have no doubt he will reward us with years of loyal companionship. Assuming of course, we survive the puppy stage.  

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