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Art Parker,
Managing Editor

By Art Parker

They engage in worthless conversation. They lie. They are more concerned about money than they are about solving problems. Who are these despicable characters?

   Party political candidates and politicians. And rest assured, they reside in both major political parties, and the political parties are public enemy number one. It’s not the media as President Trump claims.

   The parties want power and a politician wants power. They hitch their mule teams together and go to work, usually by raising money, telling lies and spewing rhetoric only to gain a vote.

   The real hope of someone running for office, especially in Alabama, rests upon their ability to rise to even higher office. To do that they often try to convince voters that they are a bigger Christian than their opponent, they are pro-life and are fully against abortion, they have a bigger idealistic relationship with President Trump than their opponent, and of course they will make sure no one monkeys with our gun rights by protecting the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. 

   Political parties want you to believe things that will put them in power. They will not tell you this but actually they want you to trust the party and vote that way…all of the time. In other words be stupid, do not pay attention and let us solve all of your problems. 

   And how has that worked out for us? 

    Not very well.

   Let’s examine how much of this plays out in Alabama. I quickly make up my mind not to vote for a candidate for office in Alabama if they make a big deal about the Second Amendment and gun rights. I’m not against guns. I love the Second Amendment. But what I do not like is someone running for office on the state level saying they will take care of our gun rights. Why? Because it is red meat for the GOP base. Issues about our gun rights and the Second Amendment will not be determined on Union Street in Montgomery. The Federal courts will decide those issues. Any candidate that uses this tactic is either really ignorant when it comes to the law or is intentionally trying to bamboozle us into voting for them. Whatever the case they do not deserve our vote and we obviously cannot trust them.

   You can say the same about abortion. State legislatures can dance around the issue and come up with all kinds of laws regarding this subject. But the instant their effort encroaches upon Roe vs. Wade, or other similar cases, such as Planned Parenthood vs. Casey, then the U.S. Supreme Court will make all decisions. There are only nine folks that have the power and ability to determine a woman’s right to an abortion and they wear black robes and do business at One First Street in Washington D.C.

   We have already seen the Trump factor in Alabama. Those running for office claim to support Trump more than the other guy. Almost one-hundred percent of these candidates do not know Trump and never will, but they are quick to act as if they possess a “buddy-buddy” relationship with the President. Using President Trump as an election tool does nothing more than perpetuate the dependency of the electorate upon others to make their voting decisions. It is no different than someone entering the voting booth and pulling a straight ticket, thinking that is the truth, the light and the way. 

   I won’t even begin to tell you how my Christian faith is insulted when a politician tells me he/she deserves my vote because they are a Christian. We should be mindful that some of the biggest Christians in Alabama history have been convicted of corruption, especially in the last ten years.

    To all of the candidates and politicians in Alabama, especially this year, I say: Don’t tell me what a big Christian you are, or that you protect gun rights and all the other bull you have been telling us. Tell me how you will solve the problems of state government, such as the problems with Medicare, corrections and the lack of state troopers on the road.

   Tell me about those things. If you have any answers at all.    

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